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Paper Bags And Their Types

 Paper bags are preformed containers made of paper and other special materials. The bags usually come in various designs and kinds. They are very useful for packaging and carrying of all sorts of items. Let's take a look at the origin of such bags. paper bags with handles

Brief Historical background


The idea of using such bag came through the ingenuity of Margaret Knight in the late 1870s. The lady was an employee in a paper bag factory where she invented a machine part that made use of square bottoms in manufacturing paper bags. In those days, the bags do come in form of grocery bags which were being used for various purposes as at then. However, with the occurrence of the industrial revolution in the late 18th century so many companies began to manufacture all kinds of such bags. Today, the bags are becoming very common as they are being used for packaging and carrying of all sorts of items.


Paper bags come in various types and designs these days. Let's examine some of its major types.


Single Layer Paper Bags


These are quality paper bags that have single layers in their forms. They come in variety of designs and sizes with one sided openings. Among them include brown bags, grocery bags, bread paper bags, paper carry bags and some others. They are generally known to be very light and hence can only be used in packaging light items such as food ingredients, fashion accessories and other light items.


Multiwall paper bags


These are bags that are normally used as containers for ship items. They are used in packaging bulky shipping items such as sand, flour, rice, cement and so on. Such bags usually have several layers both on their external and internal compartments. Some of the bags do have coated paper layers while others do come with polyethylene foils.


Major designs of paper bags


Paper bags as they are seen in the two major kinds discussed above do come in various designs. There are two main designs commonly seen. These include the valve designs and the open mouth designs. The valve bags usually have their both ends; up and bottom closed. They normally have valve opening through which items are inserted. Cement bags are typical examples of valve bags. On the other hand, the open mouth bags usually have their bottoms sealed while their upper ends are open. Items are usually loaded through the opening while the bags are then sealed with adhesives or by effective stitching.


The Recycling of the paper bags


These bags are highly needed for various purposes in every country. They are used in packaging all sorts of items all over the world. The bags are easily recycled although some of them made of plastic or water-resistant materials are usually very stubborn when it comes to recycling.


In any case, these bags are very useful right from the days they were invented. They are very cheap and are always available for purchase anytime you need them.

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